The Great Seed Bomb is a 15-mile fun ride benefiting bees, monarch and other pollinators.  

During the ride, seed balls – made of clay, organic compost and native, non-GMO milkweed and wildflower seed – are  launched from bikes by our riders. A portion of the money raised is donated to local environmental nonprofits and organizations to keep the work going. 

This is one of the only events that will leave something permanent behind – wildflowers and milkweed that will bloom in the spring – and resources to empower our dedicated local environmental groups.


According to National Geographic, bees are still battling for their lives and their colonies are weaker than ever as the latest data indicates an average loss of 45% of hives across all U.S. just this last year. We had 6 million beehives in 1947, now we have 2.5 million and a population increase of 123% (meaning we have 177.28 million more people in the U.S. today counting on almost 60%* less bees than in 1947).

Bees aren’t the only pollinator at risk: a whopping 90% of the monarch butterfly population is gone. This is mainly due to the use of glyphosate (Roundup) – a herbicide destroying much of the monarch habitat, which consists of milkweed and wildflowers. Most unsettling is the fact that when there is no milkweed, there will be no monarch – it’s where they lay their eggs and monarch larvae feed almost exclusively on milkweed. 

Even the White House has National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and other Pollinators and has created the Pollinator Health Task Force. It’s important to help the butterflies and bees because they give us so much more than honey.In total, bees alone contribute more than $15 billion to U.S. crop production. These vital species are responsible for pollinating a third of our food – some 100 key crops rely on these insects. In addition, this ride will advocate and raise awareness for:

- a bike-friendly community and economy 

- health and wellness, quality of life

- shopping local

- the environment and our lovely local beneficiaries


Ride details are coming soon. Get involved: spread the word, volunteer, donate, become a sponsor or vendor, and buy your ticket to ride. The more money we raise, the more we can empower our beneficiaries to do what they do best. We have plans of taking this event to Austin, Houston, Atlanta and beyond. The ultimate goal is to become a national event series – planting native seeds, offsetting habitat fragmentation for our bee and butterfly friends and raising money to hyper-localize environmental impact.  


Details and tickets coming soon! 


Bring your bike – be it a top of the line beast built for long distance cycling races or your beach cruiser – ride and toss your seed bombs, and help our pollinator friends!


This is a grassroots kickoff with a small – but mighty – community from Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas. Our tribe is one that cares about the environment and the pollinator problem. We’ve seen the news about our food system and the disappearing natural habitat for bees and monarch. We chose to act and created this project to do something about it.